Artful Body is a Pilates studio located in the Montrose neighborhood of South Orange, New Jersey.


Artful Body provides a creative, core-centered approach to health and wellness. The Artful Body approach is to empower you to be your own most-effective health and wellness resource. By training you to train yourself, Artful Body workouts support your profound and innate ability to strengthen and heal yourself. In addition to being a challenging workout for the mind and body, every session is fun! Playful metaphors and creative imagery keep levity amidst the concentrated focus while musical dynamics are incorporated to keep workouts flowing.

Relying on Joseph Pilates' philosophy of biomechanics as the foundation, Artful Body is a classical Pilates studio (Mr. Pilates called it "Contrology: the Art of Control" while today the work is simply called "Pilates"). Pilates is well-known to produce long, lean muscles and promote strength, flexibility, and proper postural alignment. Every session is not only classical in content but also in context; we teach classical Pilates, classically, for the benefit of the body andmind. Because of the classical emphasis on aligning mind and body, workouts leave you feeling invigorated and not depleted.

Artful Body is housed in one wing of a three-wing, historic barn that was built in 1907; the space lending an air of creativity married with functionality. Originally built to bathe the horses that lived on site, the studio wing was shortly thereafter converted into a maintenance house for an early era automobile and then, later, turned into an art gallery for a photographer's agent in NYC. Artefacts of each of these eras peak out from the corners and walls and invite you to see yourself in your fullest potential- as a work in playful progress. The broad windows and original sliding barn door flood the space with natural light and views to nature, giving you a peaceful environment to connect mindfully with your body.

Creative. Smart. Historically inspired. Artful Body- who doesn't want one?

Create your health!

Meg Berry is a classically-trained Pilates instructor, singer/songwriter, dancer, and former competitive athlete, as well as an anthropologist, historian, global citizen, social entrepreneur, and mother of three. She is founder of the wellness company Artful Body and founder of the nonprofit Pilates Historical Society. As a South Orange resident, she is currently in the midst of giving 26 free Pilates classes to the community as part of 26 Acts of Kindness. Previous to starting her own wellness company, she was a Pilates trainer at Equinox's flagship gym in the Time Warner Center at Columbus Circle and at Power Pilates' worldwide headquarters on 23rd Street.