"Meg is a star instructor, with the patience and expertise to bring out the best from minds and bodies young and old. She has worked wonders with our family and we feel lucky to have found her." ~ The Cowie Family

"Meg is an extremely knowledgeable, supportive and motivating instructor. I enjoy working out in the spacious, inviting, light-filled studio and a special bonus is that I always leave feeling a few inches taller!" ~ Gail, Interior Designer

"Thank you, Meg...some sleeping parts of my body are now awake!!!" ~ Cheryl, Clinical Social Worker

"When it comes to love, I feel as if I have struck gold finding someone who has "the whole package." Meg and her studio, indeed, have just that! I shopped around a bit for a Pilates studio but wasn't ever fully satisfied until I happened upon Artful Body. Meg skillfully walks that fine line between encouraging you and pushing you in order to challenge your body to get the most from your workout. She is a lovely person all around. I have enjoyed working on the Reformer, the Cadillac, the Barrels and the Wunda Chair under her very experienced guidance. The studio's earthy tones, exposed wood beams, high ceilings, ample sunlight and fresh air has an invigorating effect (on me). I am done looking. Artful Body is where it's at. I highly encourage anyone to come try a class or two." ~ Christine, Speech Language Pathologist


"I have studied yoga for nearly 40 years and I find Meg's Pilates classes an ideal compliment to my practice. My strength and balance have both improved. Meg's intelligence and knowledge allow her to tailor a regimen to fit an individual, taking into account specific needs, injuries or conditions, goals, and abilities. Meg's studio, a lovely former barn among towering trees, soothes and strengthens the mind-body connection. Meg uses goofy and pithy similes for levity, not taking herself too seriously, although she is absolutely serious in teaching correct Pilates technique. It is a privilege to have Meg Berry as my Pilates teacher." ~ Kathy, Piano Teacher

"My experience with Meg at Artful Body has been transformative. I entered my work with her with a lower back injury and a very discouraged spirit. Both, I am elated to report, have healed with many thanks to Meg. Her passion for the power of Pilates is infectious, and her spirited humor and supportive, non-judgemental energy gets you through even the most challenging of exercises. But it is her stellar training and her constant attention to the nuances of alignment which set her apart from other instructors. One definitely reaps the benefit from her training with the masters! When you work with Meg, you find yourself believing in your strength and abilities. And you'll find that the changes in your body, posture, and energy reflect that. My advice: don't hesitate!" ~ Carolyn, Entrepreneur

"Meg is upbeat and full of positive energy. Her private sessions are just the same as she is. I look forward to the start and the end of each session because I can't wait to start and I feel things getting better each time." ~ Jack, Sr. IT Executive

"From Spring of 2011 through Summer 2014, I worked with a personal trainer at my gym. I started Pilates mat classes at Artful Body in Fall 2013. By Summer 2014,  I stopped the personal trainer and worked with Meg doing private sessions. In the 16 months I have worked with her vs. the three years I worked with the trainer, the results I saw were remarkable. While I built some core and other muscle with my trainer, I strengthened my core more than I had EVER in my life with Pilates. My bad posture is almost completely gone. My back is straight and my neck is better. Pilates has changed my whole look. I walk differently and "grew" half an inch! I have lost an inch in my waist and an inch in my bra size. Clothes fit better and more importantly, look better! Meg is not typical...She has goals for me and we achieve them together. Meg has a good sense of how the body works physiologically and is able to explain it well. I am one of Meg's first clients at Artful Body and proud to say I am a success!" ~ Carol