Private Instruction

Private sessions provide one-on-one instruction on all of the Pilates apparatus: the reformer, the cadillac, the chair and the barrels, including the ladder barrel. You will get a chance to experience at least three of these apparatus during every session. You will be introduced to classical Pilates exercises in their classical order and become acquainted with the Pilates philosophy of biomechanics  as well as basic rules of safety. Private sessions lay the foundation for getting the most out of a mat class and also for being able to progress to a classical Duet (a uniquely invigorating workout). Sessions are tailored toward your individual needs within the classical Pilates framework and are geared toward empowering you to get the most out of your workout and your day. Promoting strength, flexibility, alignment and focus, private sessions allow you to develop a foundation of movement and mindfulness that is efficient and full of ease.  There is no better investment for getting the most out of a mat class, a run, or a full day with family (for example), than investing in private classical Pilates training for your core.


Duet Instruction

Duets pick up where Private sessions leave off.  As you progress in your ability to train yourself, so does the rigor of the workout and the fun! Once you have mastered the safety protocols and have started to memorize the classical names and order of the exercises, you are ready to transition to a duet. Duets are matched solely based on schedule availability -- if two people are available at the same time on the same day, they are matched as duet partners. By the time you graduate to a duet you will have learned, by working in private sessions, how to tailor your workout to your own individual needs. During the duet, the Pilates trainer spends half the time deepening the workout of your individual needs and the other half focusing on those of your duet partner. For instance, while one person is on the Reformer doing the Short Box Series on their own, the instructor may be teaching a new Leg Spring series to the other person in the duet on the Cadillac.  Later, the trainer may introduce the Long Stretch Series on the Reformer while the other person in the duet, who just learned the new Leg Spring series, finishes off their Cadillac work by putting themselves through their Series of Five on the mat. This environment most-closely approximates that which Joseph Pilates taught in; not just what he taught, but how he taught it. It is a workout for the body and the mind unlike any other.


Adult Mat Class

The Pilates method builds long, lean muscles and promotes a balance between strength and flexibility as well as the mind-body connection. This adult class will explore the classic core exercises developed by Joseph Pilates for the mat, in their classical order. Every body is welcome, beginner and advanced practitioner alike. Most of the class will be spent lying on the mat so you will be most comfortable in biking shorts, sweat pants, or leggings as opposed to running shorts. Mats are provided for this open level Pilates mat class (though you are encouraged to bring your own mat, if you have one, for extra cushioning). If you have any questions about this class, which is open to people 18 years of age or older with a doctor's permission to exercise, please contact Artful Body.


Pilates with Props

This class is fun! It is all about play - smart, safe play. We will work with Magic Circles, Foam Rollers, Therabands, Hand Weights and Stability Balls. This is, perhaps, some of the hardest Pilates choreography there is and an incredible value for your dollar; therefore, enrollment is based on instructor approval only. If you want to deepen your Pilates practice and explore the edges and boundaries of your technique every week then this is the class for you! Tight-fitting movement wear, leggings or biking shorts are recommended over loose-fitting clothing (sweatpants are okay with tight-fitting tops but please no running or regular shorts). Whatever you wear, you should feel comfortable and move easily. You must have a doctor's clearance to exercise vigorously. 


Wee Pilates

There is no substitute for "me" time when you are a caregiver of a child, especially when caring for an infant. In this Wee Pilates class, you can bring your baby, at least 12 weeks old, to this class for some powerful "We" time.  You will learn some basic and fun movement games and exercises you can do together to ease your way back into strengthening your core and promoting your baby's development. In addition to movement, the class will explore the power of breath and sound in strengthening and aligning your body. This class works best when paired with one-on-one private instruction for the caregiver alone. All are welcome! If you have had surgery, you will need, per usual, clearance from a doctor to return to exercise.  Please do not hesitate to contact Artful Body with any questions.


Pilates for Kids

Kids ages 6 to 12 play core-strengthening, movement, sound and improvisation games. In addition to learning about the history of Pilates, kids master 13 of its most-classic exercises. By the end of the series, kids are empowered with the tools to create their own socially-inclusive movement games for everyone to play. Families will be invited to the last class to learn and play these games created during the semester.


Pilates for Teens

The Pilates method builds long, lean muscles and promotes a balance between strength and flexibility. Come discover one of the secrets that professional athletes and performers rely on to prevent injury, boost efficiency, and enhance control of their performance. This class will cover the essentials of the Pilates method empowering you to condition yourself from a core-centered perspective and to take that philosophy of movement outside of class with you. No previous experience is required, though all levels of experience are welcome! The pace will be vigorous so participants should be looking for an experience that is challenging. Most of the class will be spent lying on the mat so biking shorts, sweat pants or leggings are preferable to running shorts.